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A Public Notice on Her Zimbabwe Closure Issues

(N.B: This post has been looked over by my lawyers and was also sent to the main party of concern on 18 September) I did not want to bring this issue into the public domain, but now it appears that it is the only way that I may finally get some closure. As you will know from a notice posted some months ago, Her Zimbabwe … Continue reading A Public Notice on Her Zimbabwe Closure Issues

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Rest In Love, Dear Elaine Rosa Salo

A surge of heat courses through my blood as soon as I see the email with a simple but foreboding subject line. ‘Elaine’, it reads. Warily, I open it and take in its words, my body quickly collapsing into disbelieving heaves and sobs. “No, no, no.” I repeat the word as though a chorus of my protest will undo what I am reading. As though … Continue reading Rest In Love, Dear Elaine Rosa Salo

Madam Boss Didn’t Owe Any Of Us An Apology

Yesterday, news on the social media streets broke that Madam Boss (real name Tyra Chikocho) – the popular comedian who often produces viral online content – had issued a public statement to her fans apologising for wearing a sexy catsuit to the StarFM Music Awards held this past weekend. In her apology, both she and her company wrote the following; My dear Fans. Firstly I … Continue reading Madam Boss Didn’t Owe Any Of Us An Apology

What Tuku meant for a ‘musalad’ girl like me

I distinctly remember a friend visiting me one December day towards the end of 2016. I was having a particularly down morning because of a few issues that just weren’t resolving themselves as I had hoped they would. In my despair, I was blasting my Oliver Mtukudzi playlist on my laptop and cleaning every corner of the house to avert any further frustration. “Fungi!” she … Continue reading What Tuku meant for a ‘musalad’ girl like me

Is Marriage an Accomplishment?

The question that titles this piece came about from a deep and varied internal interrogation I have been having about women claiming marriage as a life accomplishment. Earlier in the week, I posted the following on my Facebook wall; ‘Controversial’ kweshen [sic] Wednesday. I hear it said a lot that women should not regard marriage to be an accomplishment. Because marriage in and of itself … Continue reading Is Marriage an Accomplishment?

Are safe spaces really safe?

OVER recent years, the language of creating and sustaining safe spaces has become one I hear more and more often, especially in feminist spaces. For a time, I accepted this language uncritically, neither thinking more broadly about what a safe space truly requires nor introspecting around the various problematics that such spaces often bring with them. As such, I think it’s important to reflect on … Continue reading Are safe spaces really safe?

Why I’ve Chosen Social Media Silence About Zimbabwe

We were sitting on the old cushioned chairs in the dormitory reception where the temperamental TV set mounted overhead to one corner of the room was not giving us any news about the election results. It was just before 8 pm on a Sunday night, and I had just arrived back in Bulawayo from Harare, a trip of almost 450 km and many jaunty hours … Continue reading Why I’ve Chosen Social Media Silence About Zimbabwe

Why ‘Lameck’ Struck A Chord With Me

A man in a workman’s suit stands at an open grave. A coffin has just been lowered into the freshly dug pit as family and friends eulogise the deceased; a wife, mother, grandmother, probably also an ardent member of a local church group and women’s societies and clubs in her community. In essence, family and friends are gathered to bury a woman of high repute … Continue reading Why ‘Lameck’ Struck A Chord With Me